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Congratulations to Successful Home Seller’s Chris & My! - Whittier Real Estate Agent

Congrats to our sellers and friends Chris & My for successfully selling their home with our team!

Let us share with you Chris & My’s story, and how we help them sell their home for the highest amount in the complex in years at $32k over the previous highest sale.

The family was looking to sell because the mother-in-law wanted to be closer to the family. After interviewing multiple agent’s, they decided to list with Remo and team since they were the right fit to help them on their journey. After we formalized our relationship to sell their Pico Rivera home by signing a listing agreement, we were off to the races.

After some of our recommendations and services by some of our talented resources. The home was renewed with exterior and interior paint, recessed lighting, painted kitchen cabinets, new granite counter-tops, and landscaping in the front and backyard. Check here to see the before and after’s

After the home was ready, we provided our complimentary staging of all the rooms. The family spent a little under $10,000 and it took them about 4 weeks before putting the home on the market.

Our results… towards the end of the rehab, we ran two weeks of our Pre-Marketing to start the initial buzz of the home.  After a week on the market, we received 5 offers and we closed 28 days later for $16,000 over the list price and $32,000 over the highest price sale in the complex in years!

Chris and My’s full story is truly inspiring and it is our pleasure that they are now a part of our Team’s family.

Thinking about selling or buying, call/text 562-762-8581…We promise to roll up our sleeves and make some magic happen for you as well.

Congratulations Winston & Evelyn - WHittier Real Estate Agent

Congratulations to the Delos Santos family or successfully selling their town-home and buying their new home with her team!

Winston and Evelyn reached out to us a few years ago when they first thought about selling their town home, but after some number crunching, it wasn't the right time for them.

Fast-forward two years, Winston reach back out to us and said it was time because the kids needed a yard to play. We quickly got on it and within a few days, our awesome photographer Vidal, was at the home taken some killer pictures of the townhome.

Once on the market and with multiple offers, our rockstar buyers' agent Mary, was on the move showing them and the little ones homes. After a few weeks of shopping, their offer was accepted and we were on our way to a quick escrow.

Thank you Winston and Evelyn for reaching out to us and allowing us to be part of this milestone for the family. Thank you to Carmen with New American funding for quickly securing the financing, and a big thanks to Mary for making it all happen and being so awesome.

Thinking about buying or selling, call/text 562-792-8581.

Congrats to Cindy for selling her home with Our Team! - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

Cindy reached out to us a few months ago after following us on Social Media for a few years…Or in her words, a little stalking. ;)

After a brief text message conversation, we met Cindy at her home to go through her options. Shortly into our presentation, we had formalized our relationship [Sign a contract ;)] and went to work. Fast forward a week or two, Cindy had made all the small recommendations we gave her and we had our professional photographer at her home to take some killer pictures.

Shortly after we hit the market, Cindy had an offer accepted at the original list price. Fast forward 38 days later, we are outside of the home she just sold taking this picture. Thank you Cindy for being a Fan for the last few years, and allowing us to help you sell your first home. Next step, Upgrade in 2017!

Interested in buying/selling, call or text us at 562-762-8581.

Congratulations to Andre and Araceli for successfully selling their home with our team - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

Andre and Araceli reached out to us months ago after seeing us online. We were one of three realtors that they met with, but after seeing our marketing plan, they decided to move forward with our team.

After our initial meeting, Remo and Victoria (Our Interior Designer) met with Andre and Araceli at the property to go through a few things that needed to get done before placing the property on the market. Shortly after, Victoria was back to stage the property so our professional photographer (Vidal) could take some killer pictures.

Within a few weeks, Andre and Araceli had 7 offers to choose from, and we were in escrow shortly after. Fast-forward 28 days, we are here today celebrating the sale of their first home.

Thank you to Andre and Araceli for reaching out, and trusting us to get you Top Dollar for your home (Sold for what we said we would sell it for). We now look forward to helping you find your new larger home.

Congratulations to Geoffrey and Kristin for becoming the homeowners a few weeks ago! - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

After finding us on, and watching many of our educational videos, they decided to reach out to us and attend one of our Home Buyer Workshops. After a few weeks and Josh's great effort, Geoffrey and Kristin got their offer accepted on what is now their first home.

Thank you to Matthew for securing the financing, Josh his commitment to show 12+ home in a day, and for Kristin and Geoffrey for reaching out to us and allowing us to be part of this moment with you.

Thinking about buying, call/text 562-762-8581… The hot tub is not always included.

Congrats to the Ochoa Family for becoming homeowners once again!!! - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

The Ochoa Family reached out to us two years ago to sell their home, and then again a few months ago to buy their replacement property.

After a 60 day escrow period (Property conditions and appraisal issues), we were able to stay focused on the end goal… Redeeming our manhood and having that celebratory Patr0n shot at closing.

Thank you Family for reaching out to our team and allowing us to help you buy your home. A special thanks to Josh for helping the family find their home.

Can't wait for the BBQ and the Wine Tasting Trip.

Congratulations to Jeff and Nadia for Successfully Selling Their Home with our team! - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

We first met Jeff and Nadia about five years ago when we helped them buy their home. Fast forward a few years, and Jeff getting accepted into a PhD program in Utah, and this family needs to head East!!

Before we listed their home, Jeff and Nadia spent a week or two uncluttering/depersonalizing their home and making a few upgrades that we recommended. After the home was ready, Victoria came in with her designer eye and got the home staged to look like a million bucks.

The end result was 8 offers in the first 10 days, and us closing shortly after.

Thank you to Jeff and Nadia for reaching out to our team once again and allowing us to help you sell your home. We are excited about your move to Utah and wishes you all the best. A special thanks to our Title Officers, Juan and David, for jumping through hoops to get the deed recorded at the last few mins.

Thinking about selling, call/text Remo at 562-762-8581 and we will show you how our marketing efforts got Jeff and Nadia almost $20,000 above their listed price.