Congrats to Cindy for selling her home with Our Team! - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

Cindy reached out to us a few months ago after following us on Social Media for a few years…Or in her words, a little stalking. ;)

After a brief text message conversation, we met Cindy at her home to go through her options. Shortly into our presentation, we had formalized our relationship [Sign a contract ;)] and went to work. Fast forward a week or two, Cindy had made all the small recommendations we gave her and we had our professional photographer at her home to take some killer pictures.

Shortly after we hit the market, Cindy had an offer accepted at the original list price. Fast forward 38 days later, we are outside of the home she just sold taking this picture. Thank you Cindy for being a Fan for the last few years, and allowing us to help you sell your first home. Next step, Upgrade in 2017!

Interested in buying/selling, call or text us at 562-762-8581.