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Need a Bigger Home

Is your current home a little too small for you and your family...? Well, we can help you get into a larger space. 🏘

🏡🤔 1) Have a small home that you need to sell before you buy, or

🏡🤔 2) You are currently renting and would just need to buy.

To get started, call or text 562-762-8581. ☎️🏡

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Are you on Yelp? This is What Fellow Yelpers Have Said About us.

So WHY call Remo for your Real Estate needs..?

1. Remo has one of the Most Active Facebook Page Business Pages in the South East LA County Area.

2. How active you say…Remo was selected THREE TIMES by Facebook to speak on a panel of 2-4 members in front of 1,000+ Business Owners and 3 Congressmen/women (Shout out to Linda Sanchez for the Shout out) about how he uses Facebook to get Top Dollars for Homes he Sells and how he gets more buyer(s)’ offers accepted.

3. Remo has a Bachelor's of Science (BS) in Real Estate Finance and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship.

4. Remo has invested thousands and thousands of dollars in many sellers’ homes before they hit the market to make sure the sellers get Top Dollar for their homes. This money that he is lend is with no interest and with just a good old fashion hand shake.

5. Remo has had that opportunity to help hundreds of families either seller or buy a home. So he has the experience to get the job done. 

6. Remo started the business on the mortgage side of the industry, so he understand all the moving in a mortgage. This experience allows him to better advise seller(s) on what offers are truly the strongest and to help buyers confirm they are ready to buy.

7. Remo is one of a hand full of Realtors that understands all the in-and-outs of the different Down Payment Assistance programs in the LA and Orange County Area. How many families has Remo helped using this program…. enough to get invited and go to the wedding of the underwriter to the LA County Home Ownership Program… And sell them their first home…

8. Do you think your place needs a little "love" before we put it on the market... Step back and let Victoria from our team go to work. Victoria is our in-house Interior Designer and we have equipped her with a lot of furniture that she will use to professional stage your home.

9. Need a reference or two, Remo has an Iphone of 4,000+ contact. Everything from... Lenders, Attorneys, CPAs, Movers, House Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners, Painters, Plumber, Contractors, Roofers, Termite Companies, and Home Inspectors.. Heck, if you are looking for new tires, Remo has a number for you as well. :)

Community yard sale to help residents of Cerecita Dr.

We need your HELP! Our team is Sponsoring a Community Yard Sale for the homeowners of 14315 - 14363 Cerecita Dr. in Whittier. All money raised will go towards improving their private road that has not been repaired the 70's. Please help us by stopping by and purchase goods from the 30+ Homeowners. 


The entire street has agreed to participate in the yard sale, selling off clothes, bikes, shoes, antiques, children toys and much more. Potholes, cracks and loose gravel riddle the road to a point is has caused the community to take action. Remo's team is putting together marketing, flyers and signs to help the residence of Cerecita Dr. If you are looking to put together an event like this feel free to call

3 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score Before Buying A Home

1. Make sure your credit card balances are less then 25% of the credit available, ie. if you have a limit of $1000, don't have credit higher then $250

2. Make sure you have at least 3-5 active accounts.

3. Make sure your accounts are old or you have settled them.

BONUS: Pay off one card at a time

The 7 Items That Make Up The Offer Package

Welcome to Remo's Tips.

You've done some shopping and you think you found the right home for you and your family... Now what... Well, it's time to make an offer... So what does that all mean and what goes in your "offer", or what we refer to it as the "offer package"

  1. Purchase Contract

  2. Pre-Approval Letter

  3. Proof of Funds

  4. 1st Page of Credit Report

  5. Earnest Money Deposit

  6. Letter from Our Team

  7. Letter from the Buyers to the Seller