Congrats to Zaki and Lelian for becoming homeowners again!!

Zaki and Lelian have been family friends for many years now, we first helped them about 10 years ago when they purchase their first home.

With a few new family additions, they needed a little more space. We connected them with one of our lender partners, Carmen Meraz with New American Funding to confirm what they would qualify for once again. The timing wasn’t right when they met initially (3 years ago), and they decided to stay in their current home for a couple more years.

This year-end, the timing was a lot better, and their search began! Carmen met with them again to update all their numbers and they were paired up with one of our amazing buyer's agent, Mary.

After viewing a few homes, they found one that would be the best fit for their growing family. After writing an offer with the home only on the market for two days, Mary was able to leverage one of our existing agent relationships to get their offer accepted and open Escrow!!!

Thirty days later, we are here at this special moment for the family. Thank you to Zaki and Lelian for allowing us to be part of this milestone for your family, and we can't wait for the housewarming!!!!

Special thanks to Mary for knocking it out of the park for Zaki and Lelian!!

Thinking about buying/selling… Call/text 562-762-8581.

Congrats to Luis and Erica for becoming Whittier's newest homeowners!!

Luis and Erica met us towards the beginning of the year at an open house in Whittier. The following week, Erica attended one of our homebuyers’ workshop to get educated on the Home Buying process.

Shortly after the workshop, they met with a lender to get a better sense of what they qualify for. Luis and Erica decided to save a little more before purchasing, so they would be in a stronger position once they became homeowners. We agreed to put the search on hold, and when they were comfortable with their savings, they would reach out to us.

Once ready got to that comfort point, they were ready to rock-n-roll with Francisco. Luis and Erica viewed about 15 homes, and saw their new home twice before making an offer. The first time was during the evening, so they had no light to properly see the exterior. They were set to view more homes towards the end of the week, and decided to put this home on the list again.

After that second look, they knew this home would be a good fit for their family and Francisco started the negotiation.

Fast forward 30 days, we are here at this moment. Thank you to Luis and Erica for allowing us to be part of this milestone for your family, and can't wait for the housewarming!!!!

A special thanks to Francisco for knocking it out of the park for Luis and Erica!!

Thinking about buying/selling… Call/text 562-762-8581.

Congratulations to Successful Home Seller’s Chris & My! - Whittier Real Estate Agent

Congrats to our sellers and friends Chris & My for successfully selling their home with our team!

Let us share with you Chris & My’s story, and how we help them sell their home for the highest amount in the complex in years at $32k over the previous highest sale.

The family was looking to sell because the mother-in-law wanted to be closer to the family. After interviewing multiple agent’s, they decided to list with Remo and team since they were the right fit to help them on their journey. After we formalized our relationship to sell their Pico Rivera home by signing a listing agreement, we were off to the races.

After some of our recommendations and services by some of our talented resources. The home was renewed with exterior and interior paint, recessed lighting, painted kitchen cabinets, new granite counter-tops, and landscaping in the front and backyard. Check out the before and after’s here:

After the home was ready, we provided our complimentary staging of all the rooms. The family spent a little under $10,000 and it took them about 4 weeks before putting the home on the market.

Our results… towards the end of the rehab, we ran two weeks of our Pre-Marketing to start the initial buzz of the home.  After a week on the market, we received 5 offers and we closed 28 days later for $16,000 over the list price and $32,000 over the highest price sale in the complex in years!

Chris and My’s full story is truly inspiring and it is our pleasure that they are now a part of our Team’s family.

Thinking about selling or buying, call/text 562-762-8581…We promise to roll up our sleeves and make some magic happen for you as well.

Congratulations Winston & Evelyn - WHittier Real Estate Agent

Congratulations to the Delos Santos family or successfully selling their townhome and buying their new home with her team!

Winston and Evelyn reached out to us a few years ago when they first thought about selling their town home, but after some number crunching, it wasn't the right time for them.

Fast-forward two years, Winston reach back out to us and said it was time because the kids needed a yard to play. We quickly got on it and within a few days, our awesome photographer Vidal, was at the home taken some killer pictures of the townhome.

Once on the market and with multiple offers, our rockstar buyers' agent Mary, was on the move showing them and the little ones homes. After a few weeks of shopping, their offer was accepted and we were on our way to a quick escrow.

Thank you Winston and Evelyn for reaching out to us and allowing us to be part of this milestone for the family. Thank you to Carmen with New American funding for quickly securing the financing, and a big thanks to Mary for making it all happen and being so awesome.

Thinking about buying or selling, call/text 562-792-8581.

Sergio & Lauren Are In The House! - WHittier Real Estate Agent

Congrats to Sergio & Lauren for Successfully selling their Whittier, California home, and purchasing a larger home with our team!

Sergio and Lauren first reached out to us after seeing us on a few different social media platforms. They had questions about selling their home and moving to a larger home that would better accommodate their growing family. Before starting the search, Sergio and Lauren needed to meet with a lender to make sure all their finances were in order when they come to purchase their new larger home. After Eduardo confirming their financing, Sergio and Lauren were ready to move forward with the sale of their home.

Ever though their home was market ready, we made a few small suggestion to really make the home pop when it hit the market. Sergio was able to get on those suggested items within a week, and we were then off to the races!

Once on the market, we started receiving offers and soon afterwards we were in escrow. During this time, our awesome buyer’s agent Mary, was helping them start their search to find a new home. Their search took them from Rancho Cucamonga, to Pomona, and finally in Fontana, which is where they landed.

Sergio and Lauren viewed about 20 properties, sent in offers on three different homes, and they got their offer accepted on the home they really loved! They are excited about spending their summers swimming in their pool, while admiring the awesome mountain view they have.

Thank you to Sergio and Lauren for allowing us to be a part of this milestone for your family, and we can’t wait for the housewarming pool party! A special thanks to Mary for really finding such an awesome home for Sergio and Lauren.

Welcome Jonathan to Home Ownership! - Whittier Real Estate Agent

We initially met Jonathan and his brother Ron during an open house late last year in Whittier. At that time, Jonathan wasn't quite ready to purchase and wanted to save up a little more for down payment. Our Rockstar Buyer’s Agent, Mary, stayed in touch with him over the months and before you know it, he got pre-approved and they were out there looking at properties together!

Mary and Jonathan saw a total of 11 homes and wrote offers on three of them. Although the first two offers didn’t work out, Jonathan didn’t get discouraged and kept moving forward. When Jonathan’s home came on the market, we knew we needed to act fast because it was what he was looking for. Mary got on the horn and set up an appointment to see the home the next morning prior to the open house that was scheduled the next day.
During the viewing of the home, that’s when all the coincidences started to come up! The first is, Jonathan spotted a photo on the wall which coincidentally looked like one of his coworkers. We asked the seller about the gentleman in the photo, and it turns out that gentlemen is a twin brother of someone that Jonathan works with! Jonathan just knew everything was lining up for him and so that same afternoon we wrote up the offer and submitted it to the listing agent (prior to her having an open house!)

Mary decided to take a drive to the open house to meet the listing agent in person so that she can continue building rapport on our buyer’s behalf. After a charming conversation (Ciaooo Mary) with the listing agent about local schools, it turns out… that listing agent is the mother of Mary’s niece’s best friend! Talk about small world! Fast forward a few days, Jonathan's offer was accepted, and after a quick 30 days escrow, Jonathan became a first-time home buyer fulfilling his dreams!

Thinking about buying or selling, call/text 562-762-8581... Coincidences may apply.

Congrats To New Home Owners Michael & Alyssa!! - WHittier Real Estate Agent

Congrats to Michael and Alyssa De Leon for becoming New Whittier, California Homeowners!! 🏡💪

Michael and Aly came across our team a few months ago after seeing another family’s story on social media. Shortly after our first conversation, Michael and Aly came out to one of our Home Buyer Parties to get the educated they needed to start their home search.

A few days after our Home Buyer Party, they met with Eduardo Tarin to help secure their financing and get a sense of their purchasing power. However, before buying their home, Michael and Aly needed help sell another home first. 🏠

Once we were able to secure a buyer for their family’s home, Michael and Aly were off to the races with our Rockstar Buyer’s agent, Francisco Arroyo. Fast forward a couple weeks, Michael and Aly found a Move-In ready home that met all their needs and Francisco was able to get their offer accepted. 30 days later, we are here in front of their new home. 🏡 ✨

Thank you to Michael and Aly for allowing us to be part of this milestone for your family, and enchiladas and the spicy salsa!!!! 😋

A special thanks to Francisco for knocking it out of the park for Michael and Aly!!
Thinking about buying/selling… Call/text 562-762-8581. Silly face pictures are included😋


Congrats to Ron and Julie Garcia for becoming Whittier's newest homeowners!!

Ron and Julie met us a few months ago at two separate open houses and completely hit it off with our awesome buyer's agent, Mary Sandoval. Fast forward a couple weeks, they attended one of our Home Buyers Workshop and we're off to the races.

Shortly after the workshop, they had viewed a handful of homes before they found "The One". On top of the house being a perfect fit, it was also decorated with a beach theme just like their daughter, Natalie loves. Mary knew she had her work cut out for her since their were 6 other offers in the home. So Mary used all her charm, skills, and tenacity to get the agent's attention. Couple that with Ron and Julie's killer letter, the sellers and their agent knew we would be the perfect fit.

Thank you to Ron and Julie for allowing us to be part of this milestone for your family, and can't wait for the housewarming pool party!!!!

A special thanks to Mary for knocking it out of the park for Ron and Julie!!

Thinking about buying/selling… Call/text 562-762-8581. Silly face pictures are included.

Congrats to Cindy for selling her home with Our Team! - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

Cindy reached out to us a few months ago after following us on Social Media for a few years…Or in her words, a little stalking. ;)

After a brief text message conversation, we met Cindy at her home to go through her options. Shortly into our presentation, we had formalized our relationship [Sign a contract ;)] and went to work. Fast forward a week or two, Cindy had made all the small recommendations we gave her and we had our professional photographer at her home to take some killer pictures.

Shortly after we hit the market, Cindy had an offer accepted at the original list price. Fast forward 38 days later, we are outside of the home she just sold taking this picture. Thank you Cindy for being a Fan for the last few years, and allowing us to help you sell your first home. Next step, Upgrade in 2017!

Congrats to Jaime and Jessica for becoming homeowners last week! - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

Jaime and Jessica came across one of our social media pages a few months ago, after seeing another one of our lovely families become homeowners.

Jessica reached out to us and shortly after a quick conversation, they met with Eduardo, from South Pacific Financial to see what their purchasing power was. Once approved for their loan, Jaime and Jessica were out that same weekend viewing homes with… the man, the myth, the Buyer’s Agent legend… Francisco.

The search started in Bellflower looking at “Fixers”, but after a fixer or two, they realized that they would like something a little more move-in ready than a fixer. Fast forward a few weeks of looking at about 20+ homes, Jaime and Jessica’s 3rd offer was accepted on their top choice with a killer large entertainers’ yard! Their Move-In ready house will be getting a “slight” make-over and will soon turn into their home.

Thank you to Eduardo for securing Jaime and Jessica’s and Francisco for being the Best Realtor Ever! Jaime and Jessica, thank you for reaching out to us and allowing us to be part of this milestone for you guys.

May your house soon be your home…. And then when it’s a home, we’ll be there for the Backyard Boogie! :)