Congratulations to Karla for becoming a homeowner Last Month - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

After a month or two of working with two other realtors and never actually going out to view properties, Karla decided a change was needed. After hearing Karla’s story, our goal was to get Karla to view several properties so she can get a better sense of what is available at her price range.

After a couple of showings, Karla made an offer on a condo and she got her offer accepted. However, after meeting with the lender again, Karla realized that the monthly payment was not in her budget.

With only one income stream and paying for her daughter's college tuition, Karla decided to cancel the deal and start the search again because the home was above her budget.

After a month of searching, Josh noticed the same condo still on the market and decided to prepare another offer at a price that would fit Karla's budget. With her offer, we also wrote a letter explaining Karla's situation and why she decided to cancel. After many calls, emails, and conversations, the seller decided to accept our offer for a second time… this time for $8,000 less than her original offer.

A big thanks to Josh who made it happen, Chris for securing the financing, and Karla for giving our team the opportunity to make this happen.