Welcome Jonathan to Home Ownership! - Whittier Real Estate Agent

We initially met Jonathan and his brother Ron during an open house late last year in Whittier. At that time, Jonathan wasn't quite ready to purchase and wanted to save up a little more for down payment. Our Rockstar Buyer’s Agent, Mary, stayed in touch with him over the months and before you know it, he got pre-approved and they were out there looking at properties together!

Mary and Jonathan saw a total of 11 homes and wrote offers on three of them. Although the first two offers didn’t work out, Jonathan didn’t get discouraged and kept moving forward. When Jonathan’s home came on the market, we knew we needed to act fast because it was what he was looking for. Mary got on the horn and set up an appointment to see the home the next morning prior to the open house that was scheduled the next day.
During the viewing of the home, that’s when all the coincidences started to come up! The first is, Jonathan spotted a photo on the wall which coincidentally looked like one of his coworkers. We asked the seller about the gentleman in the photo, and it turns out that gentlemen is a twin brother of someone that Jonathan works with! Jonathan just knew everything was lining up for him and so that same afternoon we wrote up the offer and submitted it to the listing agent (prior to her having an open house!)

Mary decided to take a drive to the open house to meet the listing agent in person so that she can continue building rapport on our buyer’s behalf. After a charming conversation (Ciaooo Mary) with the listing agent about local schools, it turns out… that listing agent is the mother of Mary’s niece’s best friend! Talk about small world! Fast forward a few days, Jonathan's offer was accepted, and after a quick 30 days escrow, Jonathan became a first-time home buyer fulfilling his dreams!

Thinking about buying or selling, call/text 562-762-8581... Coincidences may apply.