Congrats to Vanessa, Ariana (The awesome daughter), and Derrick for becoming homeowners last month! - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

Vanessa came across one of our social media pages months ago, but was working with another Realtor. We let her know that if anything changes, to give us a call and we left it at that. Fast forward a few months, Vanessa gives us a call and asked if we were able to help them.

When Vanessa reached out to us, she already had a home in mind, and it happened to be listed by agents that we had a good working relationship with. Mary, our rock star Buyer’s Agent hopped right on it, and Vanessa’s number one choice, was our main target. The home had multiple offers, but with a few good conversations and leveraging our good relationship, Vanessa’s offer was accepted!!

Our next milestone was our home inspections and appraisal, and after the inspector called out some peeling paint, Mary rolled up her sleeves a few times, and even cut her vacation short so she can make it back to help paint the damaged areas so Vanessa and Derrick can close on time. Mary, awesome job and way to go above and beyond to make it happen.

Thank you to Vanessa and Derrick for reaching out to us both times and allowing us to help you guys buy your first home. A huge THANK YOU to Vanessa for servicing our awesome country and the sacrifices you have given us. We applaud and salute you!

Interested in buying/selling, call or text us at 562-762-8581

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