Congrats to James & Laurie for getting the keys to their first home last week! - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

**(We tried the best we can with the sound... the bonus slow mo shot starts at 2:29) :)

James and Laurie reached out to us a few months ago after finding us on Facebook. Shortly after, they joined us at our Home Buyer Party where they immediately hit it off with our buyer specialist Mary.

Fast forward a month or two, viewing about 20+ home, and writing about 5 offers... Their offer got accepted. We always aim for a 30 day escrow, but sometimes things come up that are outside of our control.

In this case, there were a few issues that Mary was able to power through with the other agent. At the end, keeping focus on the main goal is the most important thing… And with Mary's diligent work, we are able to take this picture in front of James and Laurie's new home.

Thank you James and Laurie for reaching out to us, attending our home-buyer party, and allowing us to help you buy your first home. We're also so excited for you guys and the new addition to the family that should be here any day now.