Congrats to our seller & friend Rita for successfully selling her home! - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

Let me share with you Rita’s story, and how we got to this moment of her closing on the sale of her home for $17,000 above the listed price.

After a few small bumps in the road (Nothing that Rita couldn’t handle), Rita decide that she wanted to move to Arizona to be closer to family. Rita’s sister, who recently purchased in AZ, raved about her Realtor and strongly recommend him to Rita. That Arizona Realtor is John Ferrence.

Fast forward a few weeks and John starts his search for a local Whittier Realtor. After a quick interview with our team, John knew we would be a great fit for Rita. After we formalized our relationship to sell her Whittier home by signing a listing agreement, we were off to the races.

Originally, Rita wasn’t too interested in having her home staged because she didn’t want to deal with moving some of her heavy items. However, with a long conversation with us, and another with her Arizona realtor, she had a change of heart.

We staged Rita’s home and listed it for $490,000, and within a week, we were in contract for $507,000 and closed 30 days after. The moving company has already pick up all of Rita’s items and she will be on her way to AZ later this month.

Rita’s full story is truly inspiring and it is our pleasure that she is now part of our Team’s family.