Congrats to Luciano & Esmeralda for becoming home owners!! - WHITTIER REAL ESTATE AGENT

Luciano and Esmeralda reached out to us a few months ago after seeing one of our videos of us helping another family. Shortly after our initial conversation, they met with Eduardo with South Pacific Financial to talk about their buying power.

Fast-forward many weekends, viewing 40+ homes in about 4 different cities, and making about 10 offers in today's sellers' market with our buyer specialist Mary... Their day came where 2 offers that they wrote were selected and they got to choose which home to proceed with. Fast-forward 30 days, they received the keys to their new home in the exact neighborhood they wanted

Thank you to Luciano and Esmeralda for reaching out to us and allowing us to be part of this milestone for your family. A big thanks to Eduardo for securing their financing, a special thanks to Mary for making it all happen for them, and a high five to the selfie stick that held the iPhone when the tripod was forgotten at the office. :)

Also, it's Esmeralda's Birthday today... So, Happy Birthday Esmeralda!!!

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