Mother’s day 2019

To All of the Mommies out there, we were Saying it with a Succulent, Happy Mother’s Day!


Valentine's Pop-By 2019 

You Make Our Hearts Grow and Grow!


Pumpkin Pop-By 2018

Be prepared to join the fun every Halloween for Remo’s Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest through Facebook.

Be sure to join the fun by following us on Facebook so you are ready to join when announced.

We can’t wait for the next one :)

Mother's Day 2018

Providing all of our Mom’s a sense of relaxation, Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day 2018 pic.JPG

Buckets of Summer Fun 2018 

Guillermo Rios.jpg

Annual Pumpkin Pop-By 2017


Mother's Day 2017 

On this Mother's Day, we are happy to have planted our team in your life. Let's grow together!


Valentine's Pop-By 2017 

We dig our clients!

Client Appreciation Picture.jpg


During the season of love in February we like to show our clients of that year some love by dropping by some sweets.

Arthur Lee


During harvest, we go house-to-house to gift our yearly clientele pumpkins and then we host our pumpkin carving contest. Where clients whose pumpkins have received the most likes on Facebook can get a chance to win cash!

Linda Ward
Phyllis Riccardo
6 (1).jpg
Jacqueline Qillaq

Christmas Pie & Champagne Run

In the past during the holiday season we conducted our Christmas Pie & Champagne Run where we go house-to-house to gift our clients of that year champagne and pies for the holiday season.
We love seeing the excitement and surprise when our clients open the door to our gifts that express our gratitude and appreciation. You may be next!